Incessant rains damages property and crop in twin districts

BIJAPUR/BAGALKOT; 14 Oct: As per the forecast of Department of Metrology, the district received heavy rains on Wednesday damaging several houses and destroying standing crop.

According to the statistics given by the District Administration, a total 315 houses damaged due to rains in the district in last 24 hours while two cattle heads have perished. Of these houses, highest; 40 houses damaged in Sindgi taluk alone.

The district has a total of 12 taluks and all taluks have reports of damages to the houses due to heavy rains. Ten taluks have been declared flood hit.

One rehabilitation centre has been opened in Moratagi village of Sindgi taluk where 26 people have been provided shelter.

With regard to rains, the district has received 18 mm rains in last 24 hours which is 409% higher than the average rains for the season.

 Sasbal village in Sindgi taluk has recorded 100 mm rains, which is the highest in any part of the district. The Sindgi taluk has also recorded the highest 45.02 mm rains. Incidentally, most of the houses damages in this taluk only compared to any other taluks. Kondaguli village in Devarahipparagi taluk has recorded 88.2 mm rains while average rain in the taluk is 42.73 mm. 

Besides properties, the standing crop also has suffered heavy loss in the district. In the last report given by the Department of Agriculture, some 1.48 lakh hectare crop, mainly Toor has damage due to excess rains. The sowing area for Kharif in the district is around5 lakh hectare.

He said that it is however a preliminary report, full details will appear only after resumption of loss assessment after stopping of rains.

“ Since the rains have continued and red alert issues in the district, we are not in a position to conduct any loss assessment. It will take at least a week for us to start survey when the rain stops completely”, said Rajashekhar Williams, the Joint Director of Agriculture Department.

He said that it is not the right time for the crop to receive rains as it makes adverse impact on the crop.

“ During this time, the rains damage the crop extensively. Since the district has received excess rains, the stagnation of water in the fields either destroys to plan fully or adversely affect the yield. In both ways, it is the loss for the farmers”, he said.

He said that since Toor is the major crop of Kharif season which has been sown over 3.67 lakh hectare land, it will suffer major loss as the crop is water sensitive. Excess moisture content affects supply of oxygen and nutrition to the plant, Rajashekhar said.  

Similar is the case in Bagalkot district where some 769 houses have damaged in and standing crop in inundated in the water. The district administration would continue loss assessment of crop when the rain stops.

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