Activist Hamid Mushrif offers idea to solve Remdesivir shortage

Hamid Mushrif is ready to pay Rs. 10 lakh for buying Remdesivir injection to prevent black marketing

BIJAPUR; 28 April: At the time when the Covid infected persons struggling to get even a single dose of Remdesivir injection because of the acute shortage of it, a team of philanthropists, led by social activist, Abdul Hamid Mushrif have decided to come to the rescue of such people in providing Remdesivir injection.

Having decided to spend around Rs. 10 lakh for the purchase of Remdesivir injections with the help of district administration, they have decided to offer these injections to the hospitals that are ready to take from them.

Explaining about the plan, Mushrif said that they will spend Rs. 10 lakh to buy as many Remdesivir injections as possible in that money.

“ The condition is that the hospitals should use the injections for treating the patients that require this injection. Our primary objective is to prevent black marketing of this injection. As we all know that some people are selling each injection for Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000. The poor people are at loss as they simply cannot spend that much money to buy these injections. To avoid this, we will spend money and give injections to the hospital that comes forward to take. But the condition is that they should not sell the injection as an exorbitant price. Though it is not right, but still the hospital is ready to take a couple of hundred over MRP that is acceptable, but surely they cannot collect five or six times more than the MRP. By charging two hundred extra, the hospital can keep that extra money and return the actual cost to us. This will not only help the hospitals to have more doses with them, at the same time, poor people will get the injection at an affordable price”, he said.

Mushrif said that they have already held one round of discussion with the district administration to explain their plan. “ The district administration does not seem to have any problem, all we need is the hospitals that should come forward to accept the offer”, he said.

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