Single dose of Sputnik V can reduce mortality by 80% : Study

Buenos Aires: At the time when the discussion globally taking place over the efficacy of the vaccines developed to prevent the Covid infection, a new study has revealed that Sputnik V, even a single dose of  it is enough to save the lives of people of age above 60.

According to reports, the vaccine decreases the mortality rate by nearly 80% among the senior citizens who have taken even a single jab of it.

The study was conducted by the Health Ministry of Argentina which involved nearly 5 lakh people aged 60 and above.

The report added that while a single dose can reduce mortality rate by 80%, both doses can reduce mortality rate by over 90%.

Several countries including India are importing the vaccine to increase their vaccine stock to administer to their citizens.

India presently has two indigenously developed vaccines, Covishield and Covaxin but since these two companies are unable to produce the required quantity of vaccines, India has decided to import some foreign made vaccines.

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