Tanveer Hashmi appeals all Muslims to take Covid vaccine

He expresses doubt that conspiracy is hatched to keep Muslims away from taking vaccine

BIJAPUR; 27 April: Expressing concern over several  Muslims not showing interest in taking Covid vaccine to save themselves from the deadly virus, noted cleric and president of Ahle Sunnat Jamat, Sayed Tanveer Hashmi has appealed all the Muslims to take the vaccine without fail as it is the only to save lives from Covid.

In a release, he said that some people are spreading unsubstantiated and baseless information about vaccines, and Muslims are getting prey to these rumors.

Making it clear that scientists have not developed separate vaccines for Muslims and for non Muslims, Hashmi expressed doubt that some people are deliberately trying to keep Muslims away from taking vaccines.

“ I believe there are some people in our own community who are spreading false propaganda about the vaccines and many gullible Muslims believe them.

Referring to medical reports, he said that according to experts, those who have taken vaccines, have either not got Covid or even if they got, none of them went seriously that they needed hospitalization.

“ We too have talked to several doctors,  they have vouched that vaccines are the best way out in the present situation to save lives from Covid virus”, he said.

He said that when crores of non Muslims of India are taking vaccines, then why most of Muslims are staying away from it. It only means there is systematic conspiracy hatched to keep Muslims away from taking vaccines through social media platforms.

Asking Muslims to understand this fact, he said that Muslims too should join the league and all eligible Muslims should take vaccines.

Informing that from May 1, the government will be starting to give vaccines to all persons above 18 years, he appealed to the people to make use of the drive and get vaccinated without fear.

“ When the entire world is going for a vaccination drive, then Muslims of India should not stay behind and take the jab as early as possible”, he asserted.

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