Bengaluru man and his wife fall victim to ‘police’ harassment

In a lengthy Twitter thread, the man Kartik Patri describes the incident that occurred while he and his wife were heading home around 12:30 at night while returning from a party when two men wearing police uniforms arrive in a pink Hoysala van and ask for IDs and talk about a rule of not walking on roads at after 11 PM. Not having any identity cards the two showed photos of Aadhar cards on their smartphones. The two men confiscated the phones and asked for three thousand rupees challan.

Patri and his wife helpless in the dead of night with their phones confiscated gave in to the demand and agreed to pay a thousand rupees. The men were ready with a QR code through which Patri paid them.

The incident was taken into cognisance by the DCP of North-East Bengalaru, Anoop Shetty who also clarified that there is no such rule about not walking on roads after 11 PM.

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