Bhatkal: Police allegedly barge into a home to recover cattle, brutally beat youth

In Bhatkal, a town in the Uttara Kannada district, police barged into the home of a Muslim family and allegedly started beating the youth for smuggling a cow. On the early morning of 8th June in Bhatkal, police barged into a home and beat a youngster named Abdul Muqsith. On resisting the assault, police took the boy along with four members to the station. They tortured them so brutally that they had to admit the boy to a hospital in Mangaluru immediately.

This all began when one of the cows went missing in the nearby neighborhood and was found later. The victim’s mother said after that, the police barged into their homes and started taking the cattle, and when her son questioned them, they beat him. Then, seeing the police brutality, when his father and brothers queried why the police were doing this, they took the boy along with others, including two animals. After that, the police tortured everyone in the station. As a result, the family members have registered a complaint in the station.

Talking with the local media Sahil Online, Abdul Muqsith, who was in pain, lying on a hospital bed, said, “today, the police came and took my animals. When I asked them why they are taking my animals, they took me also along with them and beat me very severely. Four to five people hit me together. They hit my brother along with my nephew. They came inside the house and tortured me a lot. They beat me with belts also and when I asked for water, they did not give me water. They oppressed us a lot inside. I only asked them why they are taking my animals, nothing else. I even told them these are my animals I have proof, but still, they did not listen. Madam took me and even she hit me badly. It’s paining a lot.”

The local media has reported that inside the station, they have hit Abdul on his stomach so severely with legs, that his condition worsened. Later the police themselves got him admitted to Bhatkal government hospital for treatment. And there, the doctors suggested shifting him to Mangalore hospital for better treatment.

The victim’s father said, “they took me, my brother and my two sons, including a boy who is 16 years old, they hit him too. They beat us with legs on our hands and even our faces.

The victim’s mother said “Four police came inside, they took my sons out and beat them, even while sitting in the van, they were continuously beating.”

His mother stated that they have animal husbandry culture from their great grandfather’s time, and they pet cows, chickens, and sheep at home. These animals give them eggs and milk to complete their living.

“In such a situation, if the police suddenly barge in and demand papers of these pets, from where shall we get them,” she added.

The members questioned that they have pets, so now do they have to keep papers even for these pets and when if they are unable to provide documents, the police will come and oppress them. They said under Prime Minister Modi’s regime, now they are paying a heavy price only because they have animal husbandry.

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