BJP Member delivers hate speech in Maharashtra

Maharashtra: BJP Member of Parliament, Pragya Singh Thakur delivered hate speech and targeted the non-Hindus, especially the Muslim community while addressing her speech in front of her followers in Vasai, Palghar in Maharashtra. In a latest video which has been uploaded by Hindutvawatch, it can be clearly seen that she is targeting the Muslim community by mocking at King Akbar and discussing about the achievements of Maharana Pratap and other ancient kings and other Hindu worriers.

The crowd is seen cheering for her while chanting ‘Jay Sree Ram’ unanimously. She is saying that their kings showed great velour and courage while fighting their enemies and that they are very proud of their achievements. The BJP Member is thereby seen, concluding her speech by threatening the community while saying: “If our daughters are not safe, then yours won’t be safe either.”

This is not the first time when Pragya Singh Thakur is seen delivering such hate comments. Earlier also, there have been various comments filed against the BJP member. The opposition parties have always asked the police for arresting her but power and politics has always saved her from the clutches of police.

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