Home Minister, Bommai claims SIT looking at all aspects in CD row

Bengaluru:  Karnataka Minister for Home Basavaraj Bommai on Wednesday said that the SIT, probing the alleged sex scandal involving former Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi, was looking into all angles as per the set criminal procedures and will come out with truth without bowing to any political pressure.

Speaking to newsmen here, he slammed the opposition Congress for criticising the probe and said it will not influence the investigation in any way as the Special Investigation Team (SIT) was functioning in accordance with law.

“SIT have to do in detail all round inquiry. There is a criminal procedure code for it and accordingly it has to be done and they are doing it. No one can intervene in it, so I will also not comment on it,” he added.

He sought to know what locus standi does the Congress have to criticise the government regarding the investigation, while accusing it of hushing up the sex scam involving former Minister H Y Meti, when the national party was in power.

“They (Congress) will have to look back and see what they had done while in power. We are doing things in accordance with law because ultimately everything has to be established in the court of law,” he added.

The opposition party also through a tweet had questioned the Home Minister calling him “Buildup Bommai”, that as to why the accused Ramesh Jarkiholi was still roaming freely and has not been arrested.

Averring that such tweets, statements and protests from any side will not influence the SIT in any way, Bommai said SIT will function in accordance with law and will not bow under any pressure.

“Without favouring anyone, they are working towards bringing out the truth. There are efficient honest officers,” he said, as he appealed that no one should try to cause any obstructions to the fair probe by making unnecessary comments or lowering its seriousness.
Police are free to take necessary action based on the case, he added.
Meanwhile, the woman in the the purported sex CD has been subjected to medical test on Wednesday and later the spot mahajar will take place, police sources said.

She had on Tuesday appeared before the magistrate and recorded her statement, and later before the SIT.

An FIR was registered against Jarkiholi on March 26 based on a written complaint by the woman through her lawyer.

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