Bribery on first appointment; Cooperative Asst Registrar arrested in Jharkhand

Ranchi: Government official arrested in Jharkhand for taking bribe in first appointment. Koderma District Cooperation Department Asst. Registrar Mithali Sharma was arrested. She was appointed only a few months ago.
Videos of Mithali Sharma taking bribes were circulated on social media. Subsequently, she was arrested in a move conducted by the Hazaribagh unit of the Anti-Corruption Bureau.
An inspection was conducted a few days ago under the leadership of Mithali Sharma at the Vyapar Sahyog Samiti in Koderma. Mithali, who discovered the lapses in the organization, demanded that she be paid Rs 20,000 not to take action. Then a complaint was received in the Anti-Corruption Bureau.
Later, Mithali Sharma was arrested while taking the first installment of Rs 10,000 as bribe.

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