Facebook fails to terminate hate speech propagator Suresh Rajput’s profile, YouTube suspends his channel

Facebook has failed to terminate hate speech propagator Suresh Rajput, who regularly posts hate speech videos targeting Muslims. However, YouTube suspended his channel, AltNews reported.

AltNews had written to Facebook, sharing several videos where he could be seen spreading hatred against the Muslim community, following which few of his videos were taken down but the platform failed to terminate his profile. His videos gain lakhs and thousands of views.

Facebook fails to terminate hate speech propagator Suresh Rajput's profile, YouTube suspends his channel -virat-kholi

When questioned about its failure to deplatform Rajput, Facebook replied to AltNews, saying “We do progressive reviews and put restrictions on accounts when they violate. When the account meets the threshold to disable, we take final action.”

While Facebook did not consider Rajput’s account meeting the “threshold” to be disabled, there are videos of him referring to Muslims as “pigs”, inciting violence, promoting their economic boycott, and also terming Muslim women who protested against CAA as “prostitutes”.

Furthermore, there are videos where he has given Virat Kohli a “Muslim getup” and spewed hate against the Muslims for Kohli’s stance against bursting firecrackers on Diwali.

Yati Narsinghanad disciple Suresh Rajput and his associates have been in news before for posting inflammatory videos on YouTube and also threatening to shoot Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

While Facebook failed to take down his profile, YouTube terminated his channel “Hindu Sher boy” for violating its policy on hate speech after AltNews wrote an elaborate email to YouTube.

A few days after the suspension, Rajput again started a new channel with the same name “Hindu Sher boy”. One of his associates Prabhu Nishad, who also posts hate speech videos, shared a video of Rajput asking his followers to follow his new channel.

Later, Alt News informed YouTube about his new channel and it was also taken down. “We terminated it for circumvention of our policies as per our Terms of Service,” YouTube said.

YouTube took fair action, while Facebook failed to deplatform Rajput, showing its unwillingness to tackle hate speech in India.

(Inputs from AltNews)

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