Ghaziabad police touch woman’s private part: FIR filed

A case has been registered against a Ghaziabad police constable for allegedly sexually harassing and assaulting a couple in a public park in Ghaziabad.

Although this incident took place on September 16, it came to light on September 28. The couple had to fight for 12 days to file an FIR against the accused police.

The accused police tortured the couple for about three hours. Finally, they were allowed to leave only after transferring 1,000 rupees to the police through Paytm.

”The police touched my private parts and pressured me to engage in sexual activity with them. A third person who was with them demanded Rs 5-6 lakh from us,” the FIR said.

“An FIR has been registered at Kotwali Nagar police station and two police constables of PRV 112 under Sai Upwan have been suspended with immediate effect.”

Speaking about this, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Kotwali Nagar Police Station) Nimish Patil said, “On September 28, a woman made an allegation against two policemen of PRV 112 within Sai Upwan. He said that he came to know that the two policemen misbehaved with the woman, harassed her and demanded illegal money.

“After learning about the incident, the police immediately registered a complaint under the relevant departments. Further investigation revealed that two police personnel were posted in PRV 4757. One of them is a constable and the other is a home guard,” said the ACP.

“The concerned department has been informed of disciplinary action against the accused Home Guard personnel and the constable has been suspended,” the official said.

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