Hate Speech : A threat to India’s plurality and unity

Today hate speech has become the order of the day. Nupur Sharma, Navin Jindal, Anurag Thakur ,Pramod Muthalik, and Praveen Togadia are a few notorious names who make frequent hate speeches. In the south, Raja singh a MLA of BJP party from Gosha Mahel , Hyderabad, frequently delivers hate speeches against a particular community.

Most of the BJP leaders give hate speeches during election to get votes of majority community and come to power. On February 23, 2020 a leader of BJP Kapil Mishra called Delhi police to clear the roads on which anti CAA protesters were protesting peacefully ,failing which he threatened to hit the street. After Mishra’s ultimatum, violence erupted, in which 53 people died. While Kapil Mishra was making this statement a police officer of DCP rank was present beside him. Even then he was not arrested. This is the height of connivance of the police with the persons delivering hate speeches .

It is regrettable to note that hate speeches are the build up of polarised hate between communities, particularly anti Muslim hate. In the speeches BJP functionaries characterised Muslims as traitors ,enemies and violent trouble makers within the divisive Hindu -Muslim binary.
Persons joining BJP from RSS (Rashtriya Sevak Sangh) are generally intolerant. They think that they are the only patriots. That is why they give hate speeches, time and again. Recent incident of the Jaipur -Mumbai train in which 4 people ,including 3 Muslims were killed by a RPF constable is nothing but a result of listening to hate speeches. Persons occupying high public offices also are indulging in hate speeches against minority communities. For example in May 23 election of Karnataka while campaigning for BJP, Hemanta Biswa Sarma Chief Minister of Assam openly said that he has closed 600 Madrasa in Assam, and he is desirous of closing all madrasas of the country .

This is high time that all political parties should sit together and discuss the matter of hate speech. Ruling party at the centre should stop the politics of hate .The ruling party at the centre should realise the reality of the biggest minority, take them into confidence. This politics of hate, will not run any more.

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