Honor Killing: Girl killed by father for love affair with a Dalit

In what could be an alleged case of honour killing, a man killed his daughter for being in love with a man belonging to the Dalit community. The man belonging to , Periyaptna district in Mysuru, had killed her daughter by strangling on Tuesday.

The girl had refused to end her relationship with the Dalit youth. The issue had started with an argument over her relationship, ended with Suresh, her 45-year-old father strangulating the girl in anger. The incident took place at 2:30 am on Tuesday, 7 June.

The shocking incident came to light on when the accused, Suresh, the father of the girl came to the police station and confessed to his crime. The police have registered against the parents in a case of murder under IPC section 302. Both the parents are in judicial custody.

“On the night of 6 June, the girl was strangled to death by her father Suresh. It happened when the argument got out of hand and when the girl was leaving the parent’s house for her boyfriend’s place. The girl’s body was then dumped in a nearby farm. However, the father surrendered himself the next day. We have registered a case against both the parents. They are currently in judicial custody,” said the police, the Quint reported.

The couple had faced opposition from the girl’s parents as the boy belonged to the Scheduled Tribe (ST), the parents had tried to stop her by asking her not to meet her boyfriend and end her inter-caste relationship.

The police also told that the Dalit youth and the girl’s father got into an argument during the pre-university examinations, and that they had approached the police station over the issue. Relentless, the girl defended her partner and instead complained against the parents reported The Quint.


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