Belagavi: Muslim youth murdered by Hindutva Group for allegedly having an interfaith Love affair

A 24-year-old Muslim youth, Arbaz, was brutally murdered by a Hindutva group called Ram Sena in Karnataka’s Belagavi for allegedly having an interfaith love affair with a girl from the Hindu community.

On 28 September, Arbaz’s body was found beheaded near the railway tracks of Khanapur with his hands tied with rope from behind.

Arbaz’s cousin Sameer Parshwadi told THG, “My cousin brother received a call from a Hindutva group named Ram Sena on September 28 and he had gone to meet them. Hours after, Railway cops called us and informed that Arbaz has committed suicide and body is found on the railway track.”

He told THG that from the last 2 months, his brother was recieving continuous death threats from Hindutva groups including Ram Sena because of his love affair with a Hindu girl.

“My brother was getting continuous death threats from the Ram Sena group. They warned him and said ‘Leave her or else we’ll kill you. Arbaz and his mother had even been to the village for compromise between the two families,’” Sameer said.

He said that the Hinduvta group were further asking for money even after the compromise.

“Arbaz didn’t commit suicide. He was murdered in cold-blood. His hands were tied with rope and his body was cut into different parts,” Parshwadi said.

Later, when the locals and others surveyed the body on the tracks. It was found that it wasn’t a suicide, but a murder.

“Arbaz received a call from the Ram Sena group on the same day he was murdered. And he had gone to compromise with them, but didn’t return back,” he added.

“Arbaz is gone and he’ll never come back. Today this happened with my brother, tomorrow it shouldn’t happen with anyone else. We want justice for Arbaz,” Sameer said.

In a complaint, Arbaz’s mother has alleged that the love affair between her son and the girl from a Hindu family and constant death threats from Hindutva groups had lead to her son’s death.

The railway police have registered a case and started investigating the matter. The investigation is going on based on the complaint.

(This is a developing story)

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