Objection to Rajasthan Minister’s statement that ‘love affairs are the cause of suicide of students’

Rajasthan Minister Shanti Dhariwal has said that love affairs are the reason behind student suicides. But the parents have objected to the minister’s statement.

Rajasthan Minister Shanti Dhariwal has said that love affairs are the reason behind the suicide cases of students, including the 16-year-old girl who died in the hostel recently. Ravindra Sinha, the father of the dead girl, demanded that if there is evidence for this, give it to me.

Speaking about this in a press conference on Wednesday evening, the minister said, “It is in the letter left by the girl that the reason for the student’s suicide was a love affair.”

It is sad to say that even one girl has committed suicide today. It is known that she committed suicide due to illicit relationship. The girl has written a letter … All the suicides committed by coaching students here need to be thoroughly investigated to find out the exact reason,” Dhariwal told reporters.

Local police said the girl hanged herself on Tuesday night and no note or suicide note was found in her room.

The deceased student Richa was a NEET aspirant. Richa’s father, who reached Kota from Ranchi on Thursday morning to receive her dead body, strongly objected to Minister Dhariwal’s statements and demanded evidence to prove his statement.

“My daughter had no illicit relationship. If they (Dhariwal) have any such evidence, they should share it with me,” the girl’s father Ravindra Sinha told the media.

Sinha said that the daughter had complained that some boys from Kota were teasing her while going to and from the coaching institute.

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