AIUTUC flays government for withdrawing insurance cover for health workers

Criticizing the Central Government for withdrawing life insurance cover of Rs. 50 lakh announced for health workers if they die while discharging their duties, H. T. Mallikarjun district president of All India United Trade Union Centre has said that the government has backstabbed the health workers by withdrawing the insurance cover.

In a release, he said that on March 24 , the government has issued an order stating that insurance cover ends for the health workers.

Stating that health workers need insurance cover mainly when the cases of Covid and exponentially high in the second wave and health workers are facing more life threat from the virus, in such as situation, the government has withdrawn the insurance cover.

He said that it is disheartening that the government has not concern for the families of health workers who are putting their lives on risk to save lives of Covid infected persons.

Taking jibe at the centre, he said that the government shows only symbolic and hollow care for health workers by asking people to clap or beat the plates, but when it comes to doing a real job, the Government hides itself. He demanded the government to immediately resume the service and start bringing all the health workers  under the insurance cover

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