Ambedkar remarks cited in Karnataka HC hijab ban order ‘deeply offensive’, Muslim parties tell SC

“Ambedkar’s statement, although he was a pillar, is a deeply offensive statement. It is not a statement that should be repeated in India, great though he may have been. (It was a) totally biased statement,” senior advocate Colin Gonsalves, representing some of the appellants, told the bench.

HC’s judgment on hijab ‘majoritarian judgment, hurtful statements: Colin Gonsalves
Senior advocate Colin Gonsalves on Thursday told the Supreme Court that the Karnataka High Court’s judgment upholding ban on hijab in pre-university colleges, is basically from the perception of the majority community, and some observations made in the judgment are hurtful and deeply offensive to those who follow Islam.
Gonsalves, representing one of the petitioners in the matter, submitted before a bench of Justices Hemant Gupta and Sudhanshu Dhulia that the HC judgment was basically from the perception of the majority community where the minority view is seen very partially.


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