Azim Premji Foundation to Sponsor Teacher Salaries for Schools attached with Madrasa and Masjids

Mangalore: The Azim Premji Foundation has reached an agreement to fund the salaries of teachers in English, Science, and Mathematics at educational institutions affiliated with Masjid-Madrasas. The foundation, known for its commitment to education, has pledged support for 10 schools this year, with plans to extend this initiative to cover 100 school teachers in the coming academic year.

The announcement was made during a press conference held at Jamiatul Falah in Mangalore city, where Umar T.K, honorary president of the Muslim Educational Institutions Federation (MEIF), expressed gratitude for the foundation’s support. He disclosed that the Azim Premji Foundation’s commitment aligns with the broader vision of enhancing education in the region.

Moosabba P., President of MEIF, also addressed the gathering, highlighting the remarkable improvement in the academic performance of SSLC, and PUC students. Through motivational camps organized by dedicated academicians, the pass rate soared from 67 percent to an impressive 95 percent. The ambitious goal set by the federation is to achieve a 100 percent success rate starting from the next academic year.

The Muslim Educational Institutions Federation, initially a consolidation of 34 private unaided Muslim educational institutions two decades ago, has grown exponentially, now comprising over 180 educational establishments. With a student body exceeding 60 thousand and a teaching staff of more than 6 thousand, MEEF has been recognized by the state government, receiving the prestigious Rajyotsava Award in acknowledgment of its outstanding contributions to education.

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