Dr Abdul Qadeer has come forward to pay Rekha Adoor’s MBBS course fee amid the trauma of losing both her parents in three months

Rekha Adoor, a student at NEET, Shaheen Undergraduate College of Science, Bidar, has been honored by founder of Shaheen Educational Institutions Group Dr. Abdul Khadeer with first year medical course fee of Rs. 60 thousand.

Shaheen group educational institutions has come forward to pay Rekha Adoora’s medical course fee amid the trauma of losing both her parents in three months. Founder of President of Shaheen Educational Institutions on Monday felicitated Rekha at an event.

Image : Shaheengroup.org

The student’s five-year medical course fee will be given at the humanitarian base. Hostel facility has also announced that it would be willing to pay a fee if necessary. The fee for the first year of medical course for a student on the spot of Rs. 60 thousand is already issued.

“Financial problem should not interfere with the education of poor talented students. Donors and charitable organizations appealed to the needy students to come forward.”

Shaheen embodied Rekha’s father and mother dream, who wanted her to become a doctor. “I pursued my PUC education at Shaheen. The median score of 391 in the 2020 NEET was not available. Thus I attempted Neet again in Shaheen. In the second attempt, I scored yielded 591 points, ranking 22,883,” Adoor said talking to THG.

Rekha Adoor, hailing from Koppal district in Karnataka aspires to become a cardiologist. While it was just one month to write NEET examinations, she lost her father to a cardiac arrest. Just few months earlier, she had lost her mother too.

Pursuing her 1st and 2nd PUC integrated with NEET syllabus from Shaheen Group of Institutions in Bidar, Adoor gave a second attempt for the medical entrance examinations and believed that, “If I study in Shaheen, only then I’ll be able to crack this exam in the second attempt.”

The medical quota will be available under the government quota.

Rajeshwari, mother of Kushtagi Municipal vice-president, committed suicide on April 22. Father Siddappa, head teacher, died of a heart attack on July 30. The death of her father was shocking while she was preparing for NEET. It was as if the sky had fallen on her head.

Dr. Abdul Qadeer and the college lecturers were soothing and gave her confidence. Due to the good academic atmosphere in the college, it was possible to qualify for medical admission.

Neet Topper Shaheen Group Bidar Karnataka
Neet Topper Shaheen Group Bidar Karnataka (Image Shaheengroup.org)

Rekha Adoor shared her NEET success journey with The Hindustan Gazette, saying that even after loosing my parents and everything, “If I could still attempt and clear this examinations, it was because of my Shaheen (Group of Institutions) family, who believed in me, guided me and supported me through one of the tough times of life.”

When asked about her aim in life, Adoor said that she wants to serve poor people in life. “That’s what they teach in Shaheen, to serve poor people.”

“I will pursue MBBS, become a cardiologist and will treat poor people freely. I will open a hospital because there is no multispecialist hospital in our taluk due which I lost my papa. As I lost my dad and grand mother to heart attack, I want to become a cardiologist,” Rekha said.

“I want to thank Shaheen Group on institutions, mostly Dr. Abdul Khadeer sir (founder) who have been more than my family and helped me achieve my dreams. When my father passed away,

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