Education Minister Announces Three Times Exam for SSLC and Second PUC Students to Reduce Pressure

Bangalore- “Education Minister Madhu Bangarappa announced that the SSLC and second PUC exams for students will be conducted three times in the coming year, in response to the KaliKa Chetarike. This decision was made to alleviate the pressure on students and ensure that their entire year is not wasted in case of failure.

During the Teachers’ Day celebration program in the Vidhan Sabha, the Minister revealed that 31 excellent teachers will be awarded the prestigious State Teachers Prize. This includes recognition for primary school teachers, special teachers, and teachers from 8th to 10th standard.

To further support the students, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has decided to provide two eggs per week until 10th standard, instead of the previous one egg per week. Currently, the state is distributing two eggs per day to 58 lakh students.

In response to the shortage of teachers in some areas, CM Siddaramaiah has created opportunities for guest teachers. Currently, 43,000 individuals are working as guest teachers to ensure the availability of qualified educators.

The decision to conduct the PUC and SSLC exams three times in a year is unprecedented. It aims to reduce the pressure on students and provide them with multiple opportunities to succeed. This way, if students fail for any reason, their entire year will not go to waste.

The Ministry emphasizes the importance of exams for learning purposes and not as a means to fail students. By offering more chances to take exams, the government aims to facilitate a better education system and support the growth of every student in the state.”

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