IIT Kharagpur student was beaten and shot, second autopsy report shows torture signs

A 24 year old Kharagpur student, who was found dead in his hostel room in October 2022, was allegedly hit by some heavy blunt objects and stabbed and shot by the suspects, a second autopsy report has come up with chilling details.

“The victim was hit with blunt objects on his head, stabbed and shot right below the left ear,” said Ajoy Kumar Gupta, a retired forensic expert from the West Bengal CID. Gupta has been appointed by the Calcutta high court for his opinion on the likely cause of death of the third-year student. Although, it should also be noted that the first autopsy report failed to identify how did the victim die, a second postmortem done by Gupta, on the orders of the Calcutta HC, suggested homicide.

The findings of his preliminary findings in June 2023 said that Gupta’s death was caused due to profuse bleeding that resulted in a haemorrhagic shock and the combined effect infused over chest and over his head. “There is a possibility that he was hit with a blunt object or a blunt pointed object or a pointed sharp object. It could be a dagger or some pointed object like a sharp metal rod, which had entered his body (around the head and neck region) from right to left. As an autopsy surgeon, my job is to scan the body, inch by inch,” Gupta told Hindustan Times in June 2023.

Faizan Ahmed was a third year mechanical engineering student from Tinsukia in Assam. Ahmed was discovered lifeless in the hostel of Kharagpur IIT on October 14, 2022. The room where he was found dead did not belong to him. The authorities have yet not discovered any suspects linked to the case.

The first autopsy was carried out on October 15 before handing over the body to his parents. It was on the orders of the Calcutta HC that the body was exhumed, and the second autopsy was conducted in Kolkata in May 2023.

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