Karnataka: AIDSO activists, students protest against II PU mid-term exam format

Terming the PU Board’s mid-term exam schedule for II PU students as unscientific, illogical, and undemocratic, more than 500 PU students under the banner of AIDSO (All India Democratic Students Organisation) staged a protest in Bengaluru’s Mysore Bank circle on Wednesday morning.

On November 12, the Department of Pre-University Education had issued a circular on the conduct of mid-term examination, according to which the exam will be held as at the Board level on not district, starting from November 29.

Karnataka AIDSO activists, students protest against II PU mid-term exam format

The Karnataka state committee had given a statewide call to protest regarding this midterm exam issue of the second PUC on Wednesday.

Talking to THG, AIDSO Bangalore District President Sithara said, “The board’s decision is highly unscientific, undemocratic. This is an imposition, not implementation, which isn’t fair.”

“This decision is very shocking as it has come in a span of 10-15 days before the examinations. The circular issued on November 12 has made the students including lecturers feel very anxious,” Sithara said.

She further said that it’s not just a question of writing examination but there is a history that this present second-year batch has all been promoted. “Because for more than one and a half years they have not attended classes and have no practice of writing examination due to the severe economic crisis.”

The Academic Year has also been delayed by three months, this year due to lockdown, she noted.

Generally, the year used to start in the month of May but this year, it started in August due to the pandemic crisis.

“Even the major colleges across the state have not been able to complete the syllabus yet or even teach properly and sufficiently,” the AIDSO Bangalore President said adding, “Before making the decision there were no discussions or debates with lecturers or educationists, students, and parents.”

This particular circular was issued in wake of the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic and according to the state, if the wave gets in motion, then II PUC boards cannot be conducted.

“We are in the pandemic for two years. We expect the government and PU board to be prepared. They should utilize the resources among lecturers, educationists. They should have consulted and made a proper academic set. These lecturers are anxious too, concerning how students will face this exam. They’re already under tremendous pressure.”

Sithara said that this year’s batch is quite special, “We cannot consider this present batch as a regular batch.”

AIDSO and the students questioned the PU mid-term timetable and also the changed format of the exam, which is detrimental to the interests of the students.

Questioning how the students can prepare for the board exam on such short notice, they requested the Department to hold the mid-term exam at the College/District-level as always.

They further urged not to link the evaluation and performance in this exam with that of the annual exam and demanded that the board exam, which will likely be conducted in April, should be conducted in June in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis.

A delegation led by AIDSO State Treasurer Abhaya Diwakar including Bangalore District President Kalyan Kumar along with five students has gone to meet the PU Board and submit the memorandum.

Several teachers organizations have also written a letter to the PU board condemning this decision of the government.


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