Karnataka Government to Introduce English, Mathematics, Science Teaching in 100 Madrasas for Diverse Education

Minister Krishna Byre Gowda announces the decision to impart practical teaching of Kannada, English, Science, and Mathematics in 100 madrasas across the state.

In response to concerns raised by JDS member BM Farooq, Minister Gowda highlights the need to broaden the education spectrum for children studying in waqf properties and madrasas. He emphasizes that the initiative aims to integrate these students into mainstream society by offering a curriculum that extends beyond religious subjects.

The government, having already issued orders for SSLC, PUC, and graduation education through state-national open schools, is now working on an action plan to implement this transformative approach. Minister Gowda reveals that discussions and government involvement over several years have led to this significant decision.

With practical education set to commence in 100 schools this year, the move aims to address the issue of waning interest among students due to the limited range of subjects offered in madrasas. This strategic step reflects a commitment to providing a well-rounded education for students in waqf institutions, marking a milestone in the state’s educational landscape.

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