“Madrasas have contributed to India’s education for 1000 years”:SP leader

Responding to the remarks made by Assam CM on Madrasas, Samajwadi MP ST Hassan said that the Assam CM is spitting poison. Madrasas have contributed to India’s education for thousand years.

He said, “Madrasas have contributed to India’s education for 1000 years. In Madrasas, not just Muslim education but modern education is also being given. On one side, Assam CM is spitting poison & on the other, PM says that we want Muslims to have Quran in one hand & computer in other hand. First, they need to decide what is their party line”

The comments by SP leader comes after Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Thursday claimed that he has closed 600 madrassas and intends to close down all madrassas because he wants schools, colleges and universities instead.

The Assam CM said, “People from Bangladesh come to Assam & create a threat to our civilization and culture. I have closed 600 madrassas and I intend to close all madrassas because we do not want madrassas. We want schools, colleges and universities.”

Source: ANI, Hindustan Times


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