NASIM Foundation Gears Up for Educational Conference in USA: Two Kannadigas Dr. Abdul Qadeer and Syed Beary to Headline

Texas – The NASIM Foundation, a renowned organization dedicated to advancing educational initiatives, is preparing to host a prestigious conference in Texas that will feature esteemed speakers from around the world. This highly anticipated event is scheduled for November 11, 2023, and is expected to draw educators, scholars, and professionals from diverse backgrounds, all eager to explore critical educational topics at the forefront of the global dialogue.

The NASIM Foundation has confirmed the participation of two eminent Kannadigas who will take center stage as keynote speakers, adding immense value to the conference. Dr. Abdul Qadeer, the Chairman of the Shaheen Group of Institutions, and Mr. Syed Beary, the Chairman of the Bearys Group, are set to share their insights and expertise with the attendees.

Dr. Abdul Qadeer, a prominent educationist from India, is a key figure in the world of education. He has been invited to speak at this event as part of a comprehensive series of educational conferences taking place in major cities across the United States, including Detroit, Orlando, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, and New York. Dr. Qadeer’s presence at the conference promises to inject a significant impetus into discussions surrounding innovative approaches to education.

Mr. Syed Beary, the Chairman of Bearys Group, is another distinguished figure in the business and education realm. His extensive experience in both sectors positions him as a valuable resource for exploring the intersection of business and education. His insights are highly anticipated by conference attendees, who are eager to gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between these two domains.

One of the highlights of this conference will be the participation of two distinguished educationists from Karnataka, Dr. Abdul Qadeer and Syed Beary. They are poised to share their invaluable experiences in the field of education and shed light on the challenges and opportunities facing Muslim education in India. This remains a pressing issue in the current educational landscape, and their insights are expected to resonate with the audience.

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