NEET candidate’s ‘torn OMR sheet’ dismissed by High Court

The Allahabad High Court recently dismissed a petition that was filled by a NEET student, Ayushi Patel on Tuesday after the court found some discrepancies in her claims regarding a damaged OMR answer sheet.

The NEET aspirant had earlier alleged that the National Testing Agency (NTA) failed to declare her results due to a torn OMR sheet. Patel also claimed that she had scored a total of 715 based on the answer key, but after the results her score came out to be just 335 marks. The claims were made through the surpassing of an online video, which later went viral along with the whole NEET fiasco around the country.

Patel in her petition demanded a manual evaluation of her OMR sheet. She asked for an inquiry against the NTA, and also asked to halt to the ongoing admission counselling. However, after a court order, the NTA presented the original OMR sheet that showed no damage. The court further termed the claim, a case of “forged documents” and dismissed Patel’s petition. The court also gave the NTA the authority to take any legal action if the agency wishes to. “The petitioner has submitted forged documents, and in such a situation this court cannot stop NTA from taking legal action against the student,” the court observed.

The NTA also confirmed to the court their intention to take legal action against Patel. Ayushi Patel’s viral video was also shared by Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. She supported her claims of discrepancies. The congress leader further also urged the government to “give up its careless attitude” and take action against alleged paper leaks.

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