Applications open for Kanyahsree Scholarship, an initiative of West Bengal Government

The West Bengal government had initiated its Kanyahsree Scholarship since the year of 2013 in order to promote female education in the state. This innovative scholarship aims to decrease the percentage of female dropouts from school. In the early days of providing with the scholarships, it only focused on the school and the college girls going but from the year of 2013, this opportunity was also extended to the postgraduate students as well. It mainly focusses on the financially weaker sections of society those who cannot afford their child’s education especially when it is a girl. The kanyahsree program for the girls who are pursuing their postgraduate is called K3 program. This scholarship is distributed by the West Bengal Higher Education Department.

The registration link for Kanyashree Parikalpa had started from 1st August 2023 and the last date to apply for this scholarship is on 31st December, 2023. Interested candidates can visit the application portal of and click on “Apply for Kanyashre Parikalpa 2023” which will be subsequently under the tab of “Directorate of Public Instruction (DPI)”. As the scholarship provides education to the weaker families with girls, one of the main eligibility criteria of this scholarship is that the family income needs to be less than Rs 10, 000. Apart from the family income, one should attain 45% merit in her undergraduate course, then only she can avail the scholarship. The scholarship amount for the students with arts and commerce background will be of Rs 2000 on a monthly basis while the postgraduate students with science as their major subject would be entitled to receiving Rs 2500 on a monthly basis.

They can also avail for the full scholarship at once if they wish so. There is no age limitation for applying for this scholarship and it has been very effective in West Bengal also since the past few years. The application mode for this scholarship is completely online. The Chief Minister of Kolkata also announced that among those, the top 10 kanyashree holders would also get the opportunity to research and do field work for their further PhD degrees and their amount would be provided by the NRI citizens.

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