Shaheen, the Prince of the Sky

The Shaheen group of institutions is like the nest of an eagle where hundreds of eggs are incubated. After I had visited and understood the system, I found it unique and matchless to others existing institutions. When I interacted with some management staff and discussed the mottos and objectives, I came to know that it raises its students like an eagle: grow like an eagle, struggle like an eagle, think and plan like an eagle, encounter hardships, speed up even in the dust storm. Shaheen group of institutions is like a military camp where everything is taken seriously and is to be done actively. Each moment is valued. You must have seen the point where an army is trained day and night. Where there is no excuse for the captains and soldiers. There is a fixed and limited time for everything. In case of being late, their daily life gets disturbed.

Having interacted with some students, I found it a better training house where the management has fixed a limited time for each activity.

I thought and thought long why is it named Shaheen group of institutions? I pondered over the reasons behind its name. I had been restless thinking about instead of being a thousand Madrasas all over India, what was the need to establish it. There had been old and famous Madrasas throughout history. Then the thoughts started blinking at the screen of my mind. I welcomed them warmly and noted down below:

We know that we have thousands of Madrasas all over India that prepare only scholars and Huffaz. No one at Madrasa thinks to become a doctor, an engineer, or a professor. The religious families which have scholars and Huffaz, boast of being religious and abhor being doctors and engineers. Even at Madrasa, students can’t think beyond a teacher, Imam and Muazzin, while history bears witness to our ancestors and their various inventions in science and technology.

When a child is admitted to a Madrasa, almost he spends his whole day on the campus. He is not allowed to study school subjects, nor to attend school classes. If he attends, immediately he is rusticated. All this takes three to five years to become an exemplary Hafiz. If he continues Alimiyat, he follows the same routine. He is bound to study only the Madrasa syllabus which eludes science and mathematics. Thus, for ten years, he has been away from school subjects, from the outer world. For an educated passport, after Alimiyat, he needs a 10th mark sheet. To apply for higher education, he is emphasized to have a 10th, 11th and 12th mark sheet and you know Madrasa didn’t provide these things. If it had been provided, it is invaluable and unacceptable at many institutions.

As I think Madrasas aren’t only a place to study only religion but it’s a complete and holistic powerhouse from where each house is enlightened. There was also a Madrasa in the era of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) called “Suffa” which consisted of doctors, engineers, judges, advocates, captains, shoulders, warriors, governors, and administrators. And nowadays, Madrasa is considered to be a place only for worshipping and understanding religions.

In 1981, when he was in search of an institution to admit his younger brother which provides contemporary and religious subjects with the Islamic system. He didn’t find it.


How backward the scholars are!

Then he started the concept of the Shaheen group of institutions. It wants the kids to become like an eagle as Dr Allah Iqbal has conceptualized repeatedly in his poetry. Dr Abdul Qadheer is the father of many eagles. He started a revolution by starting the Shaheen group of institutions in 1989. Now it has prepared many doctors and engineers. In those days, Muslims lacked such institutions. After a long search, he didn’t find any institution for his young brother. He put a revolutionary stone to establish Shaheen with only 17 students.

It was named “Shaheen group of institutions considering the real eagle that never resembles anyone. He adopted a new system, new strategy and new structures that differ totally from other institutions. He studied the real Shaheen and wanted his students to be like an eagle.

To know and understand the Shaheen group of institutions, you must visit it. I’m sure you will be amazed to have yourself around it.

A Muslim is like an eagle that is different and very odd in flying and clutching. None of the birds can match him. You might have heard about the eagle of the sky but do you know the eagle of the earth? To understand the Shaheen group of Institutions, first, let me describe the five features and qualities of the eagle which other birds do not possess.

First: He can take a flight beyond 15000 feet. This is as flight as a fighter jet could fly.

Second: He always likes flying and floating alone. He abhors being in a herd.

Third: His sight is very fast and deep. It is said that an eagle can see ten times faster than a human being’s eyes. It seems that God has blessed him with a heavenly microscope. That is why he easily can see his prey from 3-kilo meters away and finds quickly a way to catch it in any case.

Fourth: He always likes to eat fresh prey rather than dead prey like vultures. A vulture is a bird that resembles the eagle lightly in size. The vulture always sits on a tree looking when an animal hunts prey. When the animal tears the prey into pieces, the vulture comes out and enjoys the left parts.

Fifth: when a hurricane comes with a dust storm and heavy rain, the eagle has fun and enjoys the flood and the bloody situation instead of hiding in the nest like other birds that get worried and struggle to hide. He goes beyond the black cloud opposite the storm. This stormy air takes him to more sky-high. That is why Allama Iqbal repeatedly likened a Muslim to an eagle.

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