Case of life threat by letter to writers: Sangh Parivar activist arrested

Information is available that the CCB Police of Bangalore has taken into custody a Sangh Parivar activist in connection with the case of death threats to writers through a letter.

Shivaji Rao Jadav, who is said to be the co-convener of the Davangere Hindu Jagran Forum, was arrested by the CCB police late on Friday night and brought to Bangalore from Davangere. It is said that the accused has been taken into custody for 10 days and is being interrogated.

Writers such as Kum. Veerabhadhrappa, BT Lalitha Naik, K Marulasiddappa, Dr. G Ramakrishna and some including SG Siddaramaiah, Banjagere Jayaprakash, Vimala, Sripada Bhatt, Surendra Rao were getting death threats anonymously. A special investigation team was formed under the leadership of an ACP level officer for comprehensive investigation of these cases. Now the first arrest has been made in connection with the case.

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