CM Siddaramaiah Reaffirms Commitment to Guarantee Schemes Amid Speculation

Bengaluru: Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has confirmed the continuation of the five guarantee schemes introduced by the government, despite recent rumors suggesting their possible termination following Congress’s underwhelming performance in the Lok Sabha elections in Karnataka.

Speaking to the media on Friday at Mandakalli Airport, Siddaramaiah stated, “The guarantee schemes will persist. These are programs aimed at uplifting the poor, not election tools. They are designed to empower the economically and socially disadvantaged, and thus, they will not be stopped.”

Addressing the election results, he remarked, “We have not suffered a setback in the Lok Sabha elections. Previously, we secured one seat, and this time, we won nine seats. Although we did not meet our expectations, we have made some progress.” Siddaramaiah also noted, “The fact that we lost in Mysuru but won in Chamarajanagar, where we had previously been defeated, indicates some progress. We have observed a 13% increase in votes.”

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