Davangere: Ex-BJP MLA and RSS Leader Switches Allegiance, Joins Congress

Amidst mounting discontent within the BJP, T Gurusiddana Gowda, a former MLA and RSS leader, has made a pivotal move by crossing over to the Congress party in Davangere.

The decision comes against the backdrop of simmering dissent within the BJP, particularly regarding the distribution of tickets for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections in the region.

Gowda, who previously represented the Jagaluru Assembly Constituency, voiced his dissatisfaction with the BJP’s decision-making process, especially regarding ticket allocation.

Despite his advocacy for his son, Dr. Ravikumar, to secure a BJP ticket for the Lok Sabha polls, his requests went unheeded, leading to his disenchantment with the party.

“MP Siddeshwar is acting like a dictator. Yeddyurappa is not out of KJP’s mood. I am fed up with their behavior. Therefore, I have left BJP and joined Congress,” remarked Gurusiddana Gowda.

The transition to the Congress was facilitated by Minister S.S. Mallikarjuna, signaling a noteworthy shift in Gowda’s political alignment. With his defection, significant developments are anticipated in Davangere’s political landscape ahead of the imminent elections.

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