“He Let Us Down”: Modi Faces Backlash in Varanasi’s Adopted Villages

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s winning margin in Varanasi fell to an all-time low, discontent is brewing in the villages he adopted. A recent visit by @ApkiJigyasa to these model villages revealed mounting anger over unfulfilled promises and governance failures.

Residents of Modi’s adopted villages report enduring issues such as trash heaps, inadequate sewage systems, and a lack of pucca houses and piped water, despite repeatedly applying for these basic amenities.

The stark realities on the ground paint a troubling picture. Villagers expressed their frustration and disappointment, pointing to the continued neglect and unaddressed needs. “He let us down,” said one local, summarizing the prevailing sentiment.

These grievances have highlighted the gap between promises made and actions taken, casting a shadow on Modi’s popularity in his own constituency. As the villagers await the fulfillment of basic infrastructure promises, the erosion of trust becomes more evident.

This discontent is not just a local issue but a reflection of broader dissatisfaction with governance and delivery of essential services, raising questions about the effectiveness of initiatives aimed at rural development and the credibility of leadership.

For a more detailed account of the situation in Varanasi’s adopted villages, visit Article https://t.co/s4bLSwmrcB

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