Mallikarjun Kharge Criticizes NDA Government, Calls for Cooperation to Strengthen Country

In a recent statement, Congress national president Mallikarjun Kharge expressed strong criticism of the current NDA government, asserting that it was formed “by mistake” and lacks a true mandate. Speaking in Bengaluru, Kharge remarked, “Modi ji doesn’t have the mandate. It’s a minority government. This government can fall anytime.”

Kharge emphasized his desire for the government to continue for the benefit of the country but highlighted concerns about Prime Minister Modi’s leadership style. “We would like it to continue, let it be good for the country, we should work together to strengthen the country. But our Prime Minister is habitual of not letting something going on well continue,” he stated.

Despite his criticisms, Kharge underscored the importance of cooperation in working towards national strength. “We will cooperate towards strengthening the country,” he affirmed, indicating a willingness to collaborate for the greater good despite political differences.

This statement comes amidst ongoing political tensions and discussions about the stability of the current government. Kharge’s remarks reflect the Congress party’s stance on the current administration and their commitment to national progress.

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