Massive protests over the toll levied on motorists using the Mysuru-Bengaluru highway inaugurated by PM Modi

Ramanagara: After the opening of the Bangalore-Mysore Expressway for public traffic, there was a huge protest and opposition. The toll is being collected near Kanaminike in the Bangalore Dakshina Taluk for vehicles going from Bangalore to Mysore. And for vehicles coming from Mysore to Bangalore, the toll is being collected near Seshagirihalli Plaza in Ramanagara taluk.

As soon as the toll fee collection started this morning, the Congress and pro-Kannada organizations protested against it and broke the toll gate, and the protestors expressed their anger.

Protest by Congress workers: Congress workers have been protesting against the toll collection since this morning. Congress workers are protesting near the Seshagirihalli toll in Ramnagar taluk. Holding a can of milk, displaying a black flag, and shouting slogans against the central government, the outrage was unleashed. There was a verbal skirmish between the police and the Congress workers, and a traffic jam was caused due to the protest of the Congress workers.

Pro-Kannada organizations staged a protest near Kanaminake in the Bangalore Dakshina Taluk. At this time, the members of the pro-Kannada organization broke the toll plaza fence and expressed their anger. The police have detained the member who broke the toll bar. The toll plaza near Kanaminike has become tense.

Police have increased their presence near the toll near Kanaminake in Bangalore’s Dakshina taluk. Three squads of KSRP and local police have been deployed. More than 200 policemen have been deployed for security.
How much is the toll fee?
135 rupees for one-way traffic for cars, jeeps, and vans
205 rupees for two-way traffic for cars, jeeps, and vans
70 rupees for one-way movement of local vehicles,
a monthly pass for cars, jeeps, and vans, and 4,425 rupees for light goods vehicles.
220 rupees for one-way movement of minibuses, 330 rupees for two-way movement of minibuses
The monthly pass rate for minibuses is Rs. 7315.
The truck/bus toll rate for one-way traffic is Rs. 460.
For two-way traffic, the fixed plus truck or bus fare is Rs. 690.
The fixed monthly toll pass rate for trucks and buses is Rs. 15,325.
Fixed 3-axle commercial vehicle, one-way 500 for one-way traffic,
750 rupees for two-way traffic
880 rupees for one-way traffic for heavy vehicles Heavy vehicles will be charged Rs. 1315 for two-way traffic.

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