Meta allowed Muslim hatred and banned Modi-defaming advertisements

Currently, the Lok Sabha elections are going on in India and voting has been completed in five phases. In this context, artificial intelligence (AI)–made videos have emerged as a major threat, destroying communal harmony and spreading slander.

According to reports, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Insta, has approved several political ads manipulated by artificial intelligence to spread hate during the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

Facebook has approved ads that contain insults to the Muslim community in India. Meta allowed ads containing hate-mongering campaigns by political leaders inciting a religion like ‘Let’s burn these vermin’ ‘Blood of Hindus will be shed’, these invaders must be burnt’.

META also reportedly approved a disharmonious ad titled ‘Erase Hindus from India’, which infuriates the Muslim community.

The incidents came to light after the Election Commission ordered social media X to delete a communal hate ad published by the Karnataka BJP unit.

Corporate accountability bodies India Civil Watch International and Echo have been set up to detect and block harmful political advertisements.

These agencies found that 22 hate ads in 14 languages ​​including English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, and Kannada were approved by Meta. However, before approval and publication, these research institutes immediately banned the advertisement.

Research firms have opined that META failed to detect all approved ads manipulated using AI.

Meta Institute rejected only 5 hateful ads. They also include hate speech against Modi. But 14 other ads with various anti-Muslim themes were approved, the research firm said.

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