MLA Bhawan, Bengaluru, June 15th, 2024 (Special Correspondent)

In a significant move towards addressing the challenges faced by the public education system in Karnataka, the Student Islamic Organization (SIO) today released a comprehensive “School Survey Report” at a well-attended event held at MLA Bhawan. The report, which was officially unveiled by noted educationist Prof. K.S. Sudhakar, MLC Naseer Ahmed, CERT Director Roshan Mohideen, and Zeeshan Aqeel among others, sheds light on the current status of schools in the state concerning the parameters of the Right to Education Act (RTE) 2009.

The survey, conducted in collaboration with the Centre for Educational Research and Training, covered a total of 151 schools across 19 districts, including urban, rural, government, and private institutions, spanning various mediums of instruction. The findings paint a concerning picture, with 270 students having dropped out, primarily from migrant and laborer families, and significant deficiencies in basic amenities such as clean drinking water and separate toilet facilities for boys and girls.

What sets the SIO’s initiative apart is its proactive and solution-oriented approach. Rather than merely highlighting problems, the report offers pragmatic recommendations to address the challenges. These include empowering the State Advisory Council to comprehensively implement the RTE Act, extending the Act’s coverage from birth to 18 years to encompass early childhood care and socialization, earmarking 20% of the total education grant for strengthening the public education system, and enacting laws to ensure timely recruitment of teachers.

The SIO’s efforts have set an exemplary precedent for other student organizations, demonstrating that academic criticism and proposing constructive solutions can be as impactful, if not more, than mere protests and demands. Their meticulous research, data-driven approach, and collaborative spirit have garnered praise from educationists and policymakers alike.

Notably, the event witnessed a heartening convergence of stakeholders, with representatives from various organizations working in the field of education, student leaders, and activists in attendance. The presence of such a diverse array of participants underscores the widespread recognition of the urgency to address the issues highlighted in the report.

As the event drew to a close, a palpable sense of hope and determination filled the air. Niranjanaradhya, addressing the gathering, expressed confidence in the government led by Chief Minister Siddaramayya, known for his social justice initiatives, to take decisive action and provide the necessary financial support to properly implement the RTE Act.

The SIO’s “School Survey Report” has set the stage for a renewed dialogue and concerted efforts towards ensuring quality education for all children in Karnataka. By putting a human face on the issues and offering practical solutions, the organization has demonstrated a maturity and commitment that belies their youth, inspiring others to follow suit in their quest for a more equitable and inclusive education system.

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