PM Modi urges first time voters to use their power to defeat family-run parties

Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the young and the first-time voters on Thursday to use the power of their votes to defeat what he referred to as ‘parivarwadi’ (family-run) political entities.

He interacted with the newly registered voters through a video call conference during the Namo Navmatdata Sammelan. During the session, Modi took a dig at the opposition parties and said that today’s generation is against corruption and “parivarwaad” (nepotism). “The mindset of leaders of these parties is anti-youth. You have to defeat these family-run parties with the strength of your votes,” he stated.

He also remarked, “You have become an important part of the democratic system now as your names have been registered in the voter list. You all have been enrolled in the voter list at a time when the country is going through its ‘Amrit Kaal’.”

Adressing the youth, he also added, “You all have a great opportunity to decide how you can get your names etched with golden letters in a developed India. Our speed, direction, approach will be decided by you all, and voting will be one big medium of it.”

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