Both failed, Rahul Gandhi on PM Modi and PMCares ventilators

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi on Monday compared PM Modi to ventilators, bought by the PM CARES fund, saying both had “too much false PR,” “don’t do their respective jobs,” and were “nowhere in sight when needed.”

“There’s a lot common between PMCares ventilator and the PM himself: too much false PR, don’t do their respective jobs, nowhere in sight when needed!” Mr. Gandhi tweeted.

Rahul’s tweet comes after allegations, primarily by Congress-ruled states, that the ventilators provided under the PM CARES Fund to treat Covid-19 patients didn’t work correctly.

Reports suggest that ventilators bought with PM CARES funds and supplied to a hospital in Punjab’s Faridkot have been left unused due to technical glitches.

The centre has struck back at these reports, calling them “unfounded” and alleging it is the deficit of infrastructure at the Guru Gobind Singh Medical College and Hospital that is to blame.

Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee spokesperson Sachin Sawant on last Friday accused the Centre of supplying faulty ventilators and demanded a state-level inquiry into the matter.

Many states have red-flagged the ventilators manufactured by AgVa Healthcare and provided by PM CARES Fund.

Earlier week, Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot opposed that the state had received faulty equipment and urged the Union health ministry to initiate an investigation into the procurement of faulty ventilators using the PM CARES Fund.

As per a PTI report, the state government also claimed that 130 of the 809 ventilators received from the Centre were not operative.

In Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Uttar Pradesh, several ventilators were malfunctioning or sitting idle due to ventilator connectors and skilled human resources unavailability.

After facing raging and widespread criticism over its handling of the pandemic, the center has been providing states with medical aid, including ventilators, since April 2020, it added.

PM Modi has ordered an immediate audit to install and operate the ventilators and directed healthcare workers to be trained in its use.

However, it is uncertain if the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) will conduct the audit since the PM’s Office has made it clear PM CARES do not come under CAG purview.

The Wayanad MP has been unstoppable in his attacks on the PM and his government over the pandemic management issue.

On Sunday, he slammed the BJP government over reports of arrests of people allegedly putting up posters criticizing Prime Minister Modi and the government’s handling of the crisis.

Last week he alleged that the PM was silent in times of crisis and accused him of “going missing.”

“The Prime Minister is also missing, with vaccines, oxygen, and medicines. All that remains is the Central Vista project, GST on medicines, and the Prime Minister’s photos here and there,” he tweeted.

Faced with scorching criticism – from within the country and abroad – the centre last week began planning a big collective push for positivity, sources said. That push was slammed by Mr. Gandhi, who called it “burying one’s head in the sand” and a betrayal of citizens.

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