With Ravikant Patil joining JD(S), Sindgi by-polls may see a triangular fight

BIJAPUR; 26 Mar: The JD(S) which was desperately searching for a candidate for the Sindgi by-election after Ashok Managuli, son of late MLA.

M. C. Managuli, joining the Congress, has received a short in the arm after former MLA of Indi Ravikant Patil joined the JD(S).

The JD(S) though yet to announce its candidate for the polls. however it is likely that Patil may become the official candidate of the party in the polls to give some tough fight.

The Congress too was in search of a potential candidate for the field in the by-polls, but also the party was in the same position that of the JD(S).

But, the Congress got a morale boosting move when Ashok Managuli expressed his desire to join the Congress, on the condition of getting a party ticket.

The party did not wait and not only inducted him in the Congress but also announced ticket to him even before the election commission announced the dates for the poll.

The JD(S) which had lost one of the it’s most loyal MLAs, was planning to offer a ticket to his elder son, to win on the sympathy votes.

But their entire plan turned upside down after Ashok quit the JD(S) and held the hand of the Congress.

Meanwhile, Patil who is out of politics for quite a long time and desperate to come back into the field, had knocked the doors of the Congress.

Interestingly, he had joined the BJP during the last assembly polls and was expecting ticket.

But the party did not consider his desire. After which, he tried to find a place in the Congress, but to no avail.

But when Ashok joined the Congress, Patil sensed the opportunity and grabbed it by joining the JD(S).

A three time independent MLA of Indi taluk, Patil is now hoping that joining JD(S) will end his political hibernation.

Since some 30 villages of Indi taluk comes under Sindgi constituency where Patil still has some supporters. He believes that if he clinches the party ticket, he may give a tough fight in the polls.

The BJP is also looking for a better candidate, however many insiders believe that the party may choose Former MLA, Ramesh Bhusnur who still enjoys a good clout in the constituency.

Meanwhile the political arithmetic is surely expected to change in the by-polls in Sindgi as it would certainly be a triangular fight if Patil succeeds in getting a ticket.

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