National language row: ‘What Ajay Devgn has said isn’t wrong’, says Kangana Ranaut

Actor Kangana Ranaut has commented on the national language debate at release of the trailer for her upcoming movie Dhaakad on Friday.

At the trailer launch event in Mumbai, Kangana also said that the Indian Constitution has granted the ‘national language’ status to Hindi.

Speaking about being proud of Indian languages over English, she said, “When you travel through the country, or go abroad to German, Spanish, or French countries, they are very proud of their language. No matter how dark the colonial history is, fortunately or unfortunately, English has become that link. Today, even within the country, we are using English to communicate. Should that be the link, or should Hindi or Sanskrit or Tamil be the link? So, keeping all these things in mind, a decisive call should be taken,” she said according to The Indian Express.

Recently, Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn and Kannada actor Kiccha Sudeep debated over the national language on Twitter, when they were tweeting about Hindi and Kannada film industries and languages.

Ajay had said that Hindi is the national language of India. However, several people noted that that India does not actually have a national language at all.

“As of now, Hindi is the national language according to the constitution. So when Ajay Devgn ji said that Hindi is the national language of India, he was not wrong,” Kangana said, “But I would say Sanskrit should be our national language, as languages like Hindi, Germany, English, French have all stemmed from Sanskrit. Why don’t we have Sanskrit as the national language? Why is it not mandatory in schools? I don’t know that!”


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