We are 20 crore people, who are not going to perish so easily, we will fight: Naseeruddin Shah on Haridwar hate speech

Naseeruddin Shah has reacted to the alleged hate/inflammatory speeches calling for the genocide of minorities in Haridwar’s Dharma Sansad, saying that those who are asking for the genocide of Muslims, want to start a civil war.

Talking to a well-known website, Naseeruddin said, “I wonder if these people know what they are talking about. What they are calling for is a full-scale civil war.”

“200 million (20 crores) of us are not going to perish so easily. These 20 crores will fight. These 20 crores consider this (country) to be their motherland.” Shah said further adding, “20 crore of us are from here; We were born here, generations of our families lived here and died here.”

“I am sure that if any such movement starts, it will face massive resistance and huge amount of anger,” he added.

Shah further noted, “This is an attempt to spread fear among Muslims, and Muslims should not fall into it. We should not assume that it is scaring us because if it comes to crisis, we will fight.”

“Because we are protecting our homes, we will protect our motherland, we will protect our families, we will protect our children. I am not talking about my beliefs, beliefs are easily jeopardized,” Shah told media.

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