12 people missing after heavy rain triggers a landslide in Indonesia

Heavy rains triggered landslide and flash floods on the Sumatra Island of Indonesia which left 12 people missing, the officials reported on Saturday.

There were tons of mud, rocks and trees which rolled down from a mountain during the late hours on Friday. The rocks and trees reached a river that burst its banks, tearing through the villages of the mountainside, said Budiono, who heads the local search and rescue agency.

The worst hit area was Simangulampe, which is a village near the popular Lake Toba in the North Sumatra province, where there were many people were came under the heavy weights and tons of mud. The houses were also damaged due to the adverse weather conditions, added Budiono.

He also added that the relief workers were actually hampered by the blocked roads which were thereby covered by huge debris and some giant rocks. The rescuers were working constantly to search for the 12 people who were missing because of the landslides.
Abdul Muhari, spokesperson from the National Disaster Management Agency said that a villager was taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries after the landslide had hit his house. He thereby added that at least 12 houses, a school, a church and a hotel were damaged by the disaster. The disaster forced about 50 families residing in the village to leave their houses and find a temporary government shelter.

The agency also released some of the photos from the accident sites which showed damaged homes, a school along with a church and a hotel which was under the huge debris. The authorities will also be collecting further information and the possible casualties that took place, Muhari added.

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