A panel of experts recommended the government to levy higher taxes on alcohol products

A meeting of experts from various fields has recommended further taxation of alcohol products given the adverse impact on public health.

In Bengaluru, Consumer Voice in association with the Institute for Policy Research organized a meeting of experts from various fields to provide important recommendations to the state government.

Retired Justice of the State High Court P. Krishna Bhat, Chief Minister’s Secretary Dr. KV Trilok Chandra, Health Department Commissioner D. Randeep, State Government NCD Task Force member Dr. Vishal Rao and others have recommended levying higher tax on alcohol products in the meeting of experts.

The meeting elaborated on the formulation of policy, recommendations for reducing the consumption of alcohol, and partnerships working in this regard.

Justice P. Krishna Bhat suggested, “A system of clearly indicating the amount of alcohol should be implemented.” Chief Minister’s Secretary Dr. KV Trilok Chandra agreed to this and said, “This labeling system is better than the one on cigarette packets.”

“The Department of Health and Family Welfare plays an important role in formulating such policies,” said Department Commissioner D. Randeep.

IPR Director Amit Karnik said, “Liquor control board needs to be active in the direction of reducing alcohol consumption.”

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