Afghanistan: 10 countries including India participated in the conference organized by the Taliban

Afghanistan’s media reported that a total of 10 countries, including India, participated in a conference organized by the Taliban government in Afghanistan on Monday in Kabul with a broader goal of regional cooperation.

The Taliban government came to power after the American army loosened its hold on Afghanistan. But till now India has not accepted it.

Meanwhile, it was a surprise that the Indian representative was allowed to participate in the conference organized in Kabul on Monday. The Ministry of External Affairs has not yet released any official information about the discussion held in the meeting.

Apart from India, the meeting will include Kazakhstan, Turkey, Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Indonesia and Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan’s Khama Press news agency reported. Afghanistan’s special envoy Zamir Kabulov reportedly represented Russia at the conference.

Monday’s meeting, which was organized with the aim of regional cooperation, was chaired by Amir Khan Muttaki, who has been appointed as the interim foreign minister of the Taliban regime.

The Afghan Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the Taliban Foreign Minister emphasized that “all countries should cooperate in holding regional talks to increase and continue positive relations with Afghanistan.”

The meeting was held in Kabul after the Indian Embassy in UAE invited Badruddin Haqqani, the Afghan ambassador to the Gulf nation, to the Republic Day celebrations in Abu Dhabi.

In the meeting, Afghan Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaki requested assistance for the development of Afghanistan. It is reported that he has requested to use the opportunities available in Afghanistan and cooperate in countering possible threats.

Afghan media reported that Kabul was ready to engage and cooperate with regional countries by working together based on mutual interest and mutual respect.

“India will actively participate in all regional and international developments in Afghanistan. “We will support every effort and initiative to help Afghanistan’s security and stability,” said Hafiz Zia Ahmed, Deputy Spokesperson of Afghanistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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