Allegedly Transporting Buffalo in Gujarat: Muslim man pushed into well fatally attacked – Forced him to raise slogan ‘Jai Shri Ram’

An incident in Gujarat where a group of Hindus allegedly pushed a Muslim man into a well, forced him to shout Jai Shri Ram slogans and fatally assaulted him on the charge that he was carrying a buffalo, has come to light of late.

The incident took place on July 22 and the victim Umed Khan Baloch is still undergoing treatment in the hospital. The four accused, Akherajsinh Parbatsinh Vaghela, Chelsinh Sujansinh Solanki, Iswarabhai Mulshankarabhai Purohit, and Mahendrasinh Vadansinh Solanki, were arrested after an FIR was lodged on the complaint filed by his brother Sorab Khan Baloch. It is said that he got bail later.

Later, another case was registered in which the victim Umed Khan was accused of speeding. Journalist Mohammad Zubair expressed displeasure that even though such an inhumane incident took place, no mainstream media reported it.


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