Amid pandemic, people are hoping that Diwali will bring back normal life

Amid pandemic, people are hoping that Diwali will bring back normal life

BIJAPUR; 13 Nov:  Amid the Covid pandemic, recent floods and weaker financial condition, the preparations for the festival light, Diwali is undergoing in the district and other parts of the country.

With the hope that this festival will dispel the darkness of pandemic and natural calamities, people have started to purchase lamps for lighting them up during the festival which is just round the corner.

The markets are already bustling with people, mainly during evenings to buy news clothes, decorative lamps and clay lamps to celebrate Diwali.

Though the fear of pandemic is not over yet as the government is continuing to issue guidelines to the people on preventing the spreading of infection,  the people are coming out to celebrate the festival.

People are seen coming out of their homes and thronging to shops for purchasing new items for celebrating the festival of light.

For the traders, the festival is already bringing some cheer as they were completely depressed after losing huge revenue during lockdown.

Now, with the market gradually recovering,  the traders are hoping to recover at least some loss during the festival season.

“ This is the one big festival that has come after the lifting of lockdown where traders make profit. The other festivals had come either during the lockdown or just after lifting of lockdown. Thus, the business community could not make business then. But thankfully, now we are heaving sigh of relief with business coming back gradually on track during festival”, said Kiran Kadiwal,  decorative lamp seller.

Sangamesh Kadlimani, a clay lamp seller is also optimistic that the festival will help him earn some money. Working as labour in a factory in Bengaluru, he came back to Bijapur as the owner asked the workers to go home as he had no business.

“ After coming here, I found job of a labour in a warehouse a few days ago. Now, since the festival is here, I have spent Rs. 5000 to purchase these clay lams. I hope I will make some profit”, he said and claimed that within a week only, he has already earned Rs. 8000 by selling clay lamps.

The garment sellers who are continuing to incur loss as their business is not making the same profit that of last year during festival season, however said that at least they are able to sell 25 % of the products.

“ It is better than keeping the shops locked and doing no business at all. If we don’t earn higher profits,  at least, we are able to sell older stock and clear financial burdens such as rent and pay salaries of workers”, said Vikas Jain, a readymade garment shop owner.

Amid the shopping spree, the district administration has asked the people to ensure wearing of masks and maintaining social distance while venturing out for purchasing in order to prevent the spreading of virus.

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