ANI puts out statement on tax evasion, SC directs fresh decision on tax evasion informer’s reward

When Live Law reported about the Asian News International’s (ANI) tax evasion informer’s appeal in the Supreme Court to increase his reward, ANI’s CEO Smita Prakash’s son Ishaan Prakash took to Twitter to deny any tax evasion and said that the uploaded logo was not that of ANI. He further said that he will take the legal route to counter these defamatory allegations.

But when Live Law deleted its tweet and reuploaded it with the correct image of ANI’s logo, it prompted Ishaan prakash to immediately delete his tweet.

After the news broke about ANI’s tax evasion and spread rapidly on social media, ANI put out a statement, which said that there has been an attempt to “mischaracterise an order passed by the Supreme Court in unrelated proceedings where ANI is not even arrayed as a party.” The statement further said, “Any insinuation or suggestion of any wrongdoing is mischievous and defamatory.”

The Supreme Court has ordered the Ministry of Finance’s reward committee, responsible for the “Reward to Informers” policy, to reevaluate the amount of reward granted to an individual who provided information regarding tax evasion by news agency M/s ANI Media Pvt Ltd. The appellant, who reported a service tax evasion of Rs. 2.59 crores by M/s ANI Media Pvt Ltd, had originally received a reward of Rs. 5.50 Lakh. However, the appellant argued that as per Clause 4.1 of the policy, he should be entitled to a reward of Rs. 51.80 Lakhs, which accounts for 20% of the evaded amount along with the fine and penalty levied.

Source: Live Law

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