Around 30% health workers still not ready to get Covid vaccine shot

This is after district administration convincing them that the vaccine is safe

BIJAPUR; 26 Jan: While the Covid-19 vaccination driver is underway in the district with the district administration making wider preparation for the ambitious event, the reports are also coming that several health workers are still reluctant to get the vaccine administered as they fear of side effects.

According to sources,  nearly 30 percent of the health professionals of private hospitals are hesitant to take-up the jabs in the first-phase. 

Laxman , 32, nurse at a private hospital, said that  he will take the vaccination in the second phase only.

 He said that since he has hearing reports of a few people developed adverse effects after taking the jab and a couple of people have succumbed too, he has still not made up his mind for getting vaccinated.

“ There is no urgency for me to get vaccinated. It is not only me but also all of my colleagues have decided to take the vaccination later”, he said. 

Similar to Laxman many health workers mainly in the private hospitals are afraid to take up the Covid-19 vaccination in the district.

According to the data provided by the district administration, “Among the total target of 6,753 people, till Friday, only 4,369 have been immunized with Covid-19 vaccine, where 1,862 registered health workers failed to turn-up for the vaccination centers, 191 people refused because of health issues and 168 were not vaccinated as 54 of them were pregnant and remaining 55 were lactating mothers.” 

Over 15,000 health workers have been registered for the vaccination in the district. The district administration has received 9,000 vials of vaccination. Another 6,000 vials are expected to arrive in the next couple of weeks, claimed an official from the DHO office.

Dr. Deepak Chauhan, head of Banjara Super-specialty Hospital said that, the health workers are denying to take up the vaccination because of the following factors – first is among the absentees’ 50 percent are suffering from mild-fever or cold and cough, second is 40 percent are in dilemma that they might develop adverse effect after the vaccination and the last one is remaining 10 percent are from healthy community, who are least bothered of inoculation. Out of the total registered health workers majority of them are youngsters.”

“However, the health workers should get vaccinated. It is an emergency drug. There are already reports that a second wave of novel coronavirus has been hit in China. It is better to get vaccinated before it hits here. Meanwhile, none of the deaths that were reported after taking the jab have been confirmed that the casualty happened because of immunization. It is a lifesaving drug – the health workers should turn-up in good numbers and get vaccinated”, urged Dr Chauhan.

Meanwhile, the district administration is making efforts to create awareness among the health professionals to take the vaccination. 

DC P Sunil Kumar said that, had has held the meeting with officials concerned about achieving the daily vaccination target. The poor turnout has been at the BLDEA’s hospital vaccination centre, where we have already discussed with the authorities concerned. However, when we look into the state data, Bijapur is in the top five among the best performers. We will make our best efforts to convince the health workers to take-up the vaccination,” stated DC Sunil Kumar.

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