Arundhati Roy faces prosecution related to comments made by her in 2010

Prize winning author, Arundhati Roy was formally invited at the Munich Literature Festival to give her opening speech in the festival. The Literature Festival is scheduled to be held from November 15, 2023 to December 3.

However, the Indian author cannot fly to Germany as she has been facing new charges against her related to some comments which are consider as defamatory statements. These comments were passed back in 2010, almost 13 years ago. While the author will not be a dress in herself in the Literatures Festival, she will nevertheless be contributing to a the panel discussion at the festival. The contribution will be in the form of discussion on the situation in India which will be shared via video link, on November 16.

It has been reported that in 2010, Arundhati had prepared a speech on Kashmir where she made comments on the disputed land. She referred Kashmir as the “disputed land” and thereby said that the land has never been considered as an integral part of India. Following her comments, she now faces some fresh allegations for “offences related to provocative speech and the promotion of enmity between different groups.” The following allegations could lead up to prison sentence for up to seven years.

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