Ban imposed on entry of Shiv Sena activists from entering Belagavi

Belagavi: Police have clamped prohibitory orders under Section 35 of the Karnataka Police Act prohibiting Shiv Sena activists from entering the City allegedly to remove Kannada flag flying in front of Belagavi Municipal Corporation (BMC) office and hoist Saffron flag on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, Shiv Sena Activists tried to enter the Karnataka Border Near Shinoli village forcebly despite police preventing them and it led to tussle between Shiv Sena supporters under leadership of Vijay Dhavane and police in Kolhapur district, about 20 km from here on Thursday.
Police Commissioner Dr K Tyagrajan in his prohibitory order said that the action was taken as a precautionary measure to maintain law and order in the city since Vijay Dhavane was expected to deliver provocative speech in Belagavi which may disturb the linguistic harmony.
The Shiv Sena leader has said that he will be hoisting Bhagava (Saffron) flag in place of Kannada flag in front of Belagavi City Corporation (BCC) campus.
Police had made elaborate security arrangements near BCC and in other vulnerable places as a precautionary measure.
Police said that the situation is fully under control and no untoward incident reported.
Maharashtra Ekikarana Samiti (MES), which is demanding that Belagavi City should be merged with Maharashtra, had objected to hoisting the Kannada flag in front of BCC earlier and appealed to the police and district administration to remove the Kannada flag.

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